Bostonist Bids Adieu

By Matthew Gannon on Oct 7, 2011

Image by ehmslice from photos tagged "Bostonist" on Flickr.
There's no clever way to say it: This is the last word from Bostonist. Last week, Gothamist informed me that Bostonist will be going on hiatus and the blog will be shut down. At least we outlasted the 2011 Red Sox.

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing the blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Hopefully, the hiatus is temporary and we can build a better Bostonist in the future.

My predecessors here, Rick Sawyer and Kerry Skemp, were a huge help to me once I became a contributor. The crew at Gothamist was always very supportive, too.

Most of all, I have to thank anybody who has ever read Bostonist in the past year or so since I became the editor. I appreciate knowing that so many people chose to visit this site to get my perspective on what happens in the world.

As for me, I'll miss Bostonist. However, nothing is forever. I've enjoyed it. Sometime soon, I'll be contributing to Gothamist. You might even see my name in other places. You can always find me on Facebook or by email.


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  •  what does this mean ?

  • Hi. I came to tell Bostonist about Anti-Boston Sports Media Sign weekend at Fenway, this weekend (starting tonight!), July 6-8, 2012. The Yanks are in town, big audience, and we want to tell the stupid local Boston sports media like WEEI and the Globe that we're not gonna take their SHIT anymore. And I discovered that Bostonist was no more! Damn, I thought...until I realized I've got this whole place (or at least the comments section) to myself! So hopefully some people come here today and check the comments on the final post, and see this.

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  • johnbridge07
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  •  i'm so sad to see you go, bostonist.

  • Kevin Davila

    A shame. It was a great Boston blog, and one I enjoyed contributing photos to via Flickr. Will be missed. 

  • Truly sad about this news. You did a great job.Cyprus WeddingsCyprus Wedding PackagesNew York metro map

  • I would like to see someone else take over Bostonist in your stead...

  • Rob Selover

    Sorry to hear that, although I have to say the content of Bostonist is pretty tame compared to 'SFist' or 'Gothamist'... Seems like every story is about sports - need more cultural coverage.

  • Karyn Peterson

    oh no, this sucks :(  i'm so sad to see you go, bostonist.

  • Jessica Resnick

    such a shame! i'm very sorry to hear it.

  • David Parsons

    This is awful.  Is there any way that you can run the blog independent of gothamist?  I get most of my local news from here.

  • Lorianne DiSabato

    I'm sorry to hear this.  Thanks for all your hard work here, and good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Michael Ellis Day

    As a New Yorker who loves Boston dearly, I really miss this place.  You helped me stay connected to one of my favorite places in the world.  Many thanks for being around!


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  • Such a shame. And rather baffling.

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  • You did a great job, Matt, this isn't about you. Best of luck with your next endeavor!

  • rb

    I read it a lot a while back and always enjoyed it. Sad news.

  • Truly sad about this news. You did a great job.

  • well that stinks.

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