Sports Redux: Go Get Another One

By Matthew Gannon on Oct 6, 2011

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The Bruins are back tonight less than four months after winning the Stanley Cup and bringing it back to Boston. The summer-long Cup fun is over, the players got their much-earned rings - 505 people got rings, even Tomas Kaberle, we think - that are almost as big as the Cup. Okay, not quite.

There will be a banner ceremony tonight and, don't forget, a game. Bostonist won't be at the game. We'll be one of the 200,000 who say they were there.

We know there are some questions about the back end of the roster. We'll bet Tim Thomas plays, though. Give Thomas the "A" on his jersey, too.

The boys are ready to defend their title. Cam Neely believes in them:

"I think you get a taste of winning; it's a pretty good taste. We've got a great group of guys, great character, still fairly young for the most part that I think aren't tired of winning yet."

Chris Kelly is ready to go. "We’re all proud of everything we did last season," he said. "Now it’s time play and buckle down.”

Tom Brady was in game-day mode today at his press conference with a business-like - terse? - approach that included no humor and wasn't distracted by questions about comments made by Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie in January. "I don't care what he says about me," he said.

We see that the Patriots are wearing the retro Pat Patriot colors Sunday. Throwback unis. Love it. Put Cromartie into the wayback machine and turn him into Anthony Smith.

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