Do You Have To Take Your Clothes Off To Be A Senator?

By Matthew Gannon on Oct 6, 2011

5. The Senate campaign. When the most interesting thing to come out of the campaign for Ted Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat was Republican candidate Scott Brown's happy trail, you know our democracy is in trouble.
Let the real campaign begin! Senator Scott Brown has finally engaged apparent Democratic Senate campaign frontrunner Elizabeth Warren in the build up to the 2012 election. Naturally, it's on a pressing issue: Nudity.

During Tuesday's debate, someone asked a time-wasting question about Brown's mostly naked Cosmo picture taken to get him through college. Warren said “I kept my clothes on.” Today, Brown responded by saying "Thank God" in an interview with WZLX this morning. Beavis would be proud of the Senator.

Brown's campaign said Warren's comment was "elitist" and Brown said "I didn’t go to Harvard." Great. Warren didn't go to Harvard either. Clare Kelly, executive director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, described Brown's comment as belonging in a "frat house."

The two leading candidates for what will be a closely watched and competitive race are discussing this?

Any reason to use that photo again is okay with us.

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  • remyngtin

    better than crashing a car and leaving someone to die at the Cape

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