Matt "Zyos" Leto, World Halo Champ

By Elisabeth Donnelly on Jun 23, 2005

Zyos2.jpgBostonist was intrigued by the GameRiot competition coming to the Avalon tonight. We got in touch with Zyos, the reigning #1 Halo player in the world and increasing celebrity to find out more about what was going to happen. He spoke to Bostonist briefly about the MLG, his hands, and having a blast.

Hey, can you explain what you do to the plebeians out there? It sounds super-cool but I don't quite get it. (Interviewer has never played a video game. Ever.)
My official title is 'Pro-Gamer'. Some of the more popular video games have tournament circuits for them. I make my living by competing (and winning) those tournament competitions.

When did you know you had a gift for gaming? How hard do you
practice? What skills come in handy? Do you have amazing hands?

I've always done well at games ever since I was a kid. I could almost always beat my friends whenever we played. My practice schedule as of now is 3-4 hours a day; about a week before tournaments that schedule jumps up to 8-10 hours. Certain skills play a key role while competing. You need to be able to concentrate, play well under pressure, and have quick reflexes. The latter is probably the most important. And no, my hands are normal :)

Where do you see Halo going in the future?
The game itself will continue to be a success until the next version of Halo is released. It’s not going anywhere; it will probably always be the killer app for the Xbox.

What's the coolest thing you've done in regards to your gaming?
I'd say the coolest thing I've gotten to do so far would be the places I've gotten to travel to. I've been to Seoul, South Korea, and London, England, for no other purpose than to play games. To me these are huge opportunities; it’s not every day you get a chance to travel the world doing something you love.

Why do you think people should come on out to GameRiot this Friday?
If you've played games before, you owe it to yourself to show up! There are competitions for several games with good prizes and you'll get a chance to play the current favorites. We've had a blast at every event so far.

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